Stop Telling Advocates How To Advocate! You Are Being Ableist!

Please understand if you truly mean well in your advocacy, you have NO RIGHT to tell another advocate how to advocate. I personally was a victim of two advocates personal views on advocacy and they sought to “cancel” the work I worked so hard on.

We all became advocates because we were tired of feeling overlooked, unheard, and unworthy. If you are condescending like many have been towards me, you are invalidating every value you are supposed to stand for.

Advocates are allowed to do advocacy how they want without justifying why they do it that way to other advocates. Remember how you feel when you feel like you have to justify your disability? I feel the same way when you make me justify my advocacy, you have no idea how many abused me and why I am so raw.

If you think this doesn’t happen, then consider yourself lucky to be surrounded by advocates who respect you. I wrote a blog on my experience-funny, the people who did this to me are in this community, so I hope they read what their “righteousness” has caused someone who cared so much for them both.


I totally agree with this!

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I agree 100 percent with this!

I have also experienced others do this to me, or even bullying me because I advocate regularly.
There was a group of people who were upset because I get things done.
They actually took my ideas tried to turn people against me and public shame me. I refused to stoop to their vicious level.

Every one has the right to advocate as they wish, as long as they are not disrespecting or bullying others in the process.

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This same exact thing happened to me too. It’s such a shame, we are all on the same team with the same goal, why do that to someone!

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